Goodey & Howell
Sales Process
Step 1
Book An Appointment

Whilst catalogues and online brochures remain popular sources of design inspiration, there’s nothing like seeing something in person.

Book an appointment today and visit one of our spectacular showrooms. You can explore a stunning range of the latest kitchen and bathroom equipment and units, allowing you to experience the potential of your new room.

As well as browsing our products, you’ll also have the chance to meet with and chat to one of our kitchen or bathroom experts who can give you even more insight into the range of products and services we offer, and how we can make your new kitchen or bathroom special. 

Step 2
Survey Completed

After this initial appointment, we can book a time for us to survey your space and run through your ideas in more detail.

This includes getting an idea of the existing space by looking at and measuring the size and shape of the room, and making note of the current layout, including the location of more permanent fixtures such as windows and doors.

Plumbing and electrical installation is also an important consideration at this stage as it can influence the overall layout of the room. These all help our designers to produce their detailed and accurate virtual design of your new room.

Step 3

After this appointment, you’ll be invited back to our showroom where a dedicated member of our in-house design team will have created a fully-rendered, 3D drawing of your reimagined space.

The high-quality graphics are done to an incredibly accurate scale with a high-quality finish that lets you really see your space in a new way, prior to the process of renovation. This feature shows you the space as it will be and can help to troubleshoot the design or let you immediately see the effect of switching out different parts.

Anything about the design you want editing from the taps to the cabinet finish, our designer can instantly switch out with any of the other designs in our extensive catalogue.  

Step 4

Once this digital design has been fine-tuned and amended to your liking, we will present a quote for the finalised design.

All work up until this point is completely complementary, and we present two different options for moving forward with your kitchen or bathroom renovation project.

With our supply-only service  this will include the ordering of all individual design components and coordination of delivery from our suppliers to one of our showrooms, and then delivery to your door. Our full-service offering  includes all this, plus installation from our highly-reviewed installation team. Find out more about our installation process  today.