Goodey & Howell
Supply Only Service

In Store Design

At Goodey and Howell, our in-house design team draws inspiration from a range of suppliers and designers to produce their high-quality digital visions of your perfect space. Real-time editing and swapping of styles and features enables you to accurately visualise your space and make any amendments.

From genuine style concerns relating to layout or pure curiosity at a different coloured tap, these renderings give you immediate feedback, assisting our ability to create your dream kitchen or bathroom.

Whilst this collaboration is incredibly effective at providing you with a design you love, it can mean you end up with a mix of multiple brands from our extensive range all with different manufacturing and delivery times and locations. With our supply-only service, we will coordinate all orders, lead times, and delivery times and delivery aspects from our suppliers worldwide.

From coordination of delivery times and dates as well as quality checks on arrival to our showroom, you can rest assured that all components will arrive safely at your door.

For more information about our supply-only service please get in touch with our team today. We have an extensive range of styles and designs available at our showrooms, so make an appointment, come along, and get inspired.