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Explore top-notch heating solutions with Goodey and Howell. Located in Northamptonshire, we specialise in the supply and installation of radiators, focusing on delivering quality products and expert installation services. Our dedicated team ensures seamless experiences in turning on radiator heat, offering a range of options from modern radiators to traditional styles, including stylish towel rails. Elevate your heating system with our exceptional products and installation expertise. Choose Goodey and Howell for reliable and efficient heating solutions tailored to your preferences.


Contemporary style radiators come in all shapes and sizes; perfectly suited to your style tastes, their versatility will allow you to blend them perfectly in the room of your choice, or create a real focal point with stand-out design. 

With so many wonderful aesthetically pleasing and space saving options from horizontal to vertical, colourful to minimalist, it’s important that the level of style matches quality and performance. Rest assured, with the help of Goodey and Howell, you’ll be able to achieve the very best of both worlds! 

For the best advice and to explore the incredible varieties of high-quality modern radiators, book your design appointment at your nearest Goodey and Howell showroom.


Their design is reminiscent of earlier ears, including Victorian and Edwardian and yet the vintage appearance fits so wonderfully in a variety of homes with their desirable features. 

Traditional radiators are recognised for their bold steel columns that are often painted to suit the interior or to create a real statement. 

Due to their large surface area, this charming style of radiator produces a high output of heat on a constant bases, perfect for rooms with high ceilings.

Stainless Steel

An incredibly popular material, corrosion resistant, it will endure the most extreme conditions. Stainless steel radiators are incredibly low maintenance, meaning they are stress-free! 

Holding its heat well and responding to thermostatic changes efficiently, a stainless steel radiator is an idea choice for busy homes. 

There are plenty of sizes, shapes and style options to catch the eye or blend into the background. What’s more, stainless steel radiators are always fashionable, with their contemporary, sleek appearance and sensuous feel.


To take your bespoke experience to the next level here at Goodey and Howell, you have the option to customise the colour of your radiator.

Recognised worldwide, we use the RAL colour chart to achieve the perfect choice of colour that is made to order for you. Whether you’re creating a statement or matching/contrasting with a unique colour scheme this is a wonderful option to explore! 

Discuss this with one of our design professionals today.

Flat Panel

A flat panel radiator will offer you that wonderfully elegant, minimalist look. A sleek and discreet way to heat your home.

Although this style of radiator leans more towards a modern interior, it will easily fit into most spaces as there are a number of incredibly stylish variations available that you’ll be able to explore at your nearest Goodey and Howell showroom.

Their flexibility in placement, wall hugging nature, variety of design and colour options enables flat panel radiators to be used as a style element and a practical necessity. 

Considering their minimalist look and size, flat panel radiators offer a truly impressive amount of heat.

Towel Rail

Whether you want something which blends seamlessly into your space or want to create a stand-out feature, towel rails can be an important design consideration when revamping your bathroom.

As well as holding towels, towel rails often have the dual function of acting as a radiator for the whole room, providing heat as well as a functional storage space.

From traditional styles and colours, to modern ladders with bright, chrome finishes; however you prefer to keep your towels, we can find the product for you. Our design team take everything into consideration including the shape and size of your space, your design preferences, and how the space will best function for you.

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