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Find your perfect home radiators at Goodey and Howell

Radiators are no longer just functional elements; they've evolved into stylish additions that enhance the aesthetics and comfort of your home. At Goodey and Howell, nestled in the heart of Northampton and Wellingborough, our kitchen and bathroom showrooms near you showcase a diverse range of modern, traditional, stainless steel, painted, flat panel, and towel rail radiators to suit your heating needs while adding a touch of elegance.


Modern Radiators: Where Function Meets Style

Modern radiators are a seamless blend of functionality and contemporary design. With sleek lines and innovative shapes, they serve as statement pieces while efficiently heating your space. Explore our collection of sleek and minimalist radiators that complement modern interior aesthetics.


Traditional Radiators: Timeless Charm and Warmth

For those seeking a touch of nostalgia and classic appeal, traditional radiators offer intricate designs and elegant finishes. At our kitchen showroom, discover radiators that evoke a sense of old-world charm while providing efficient heating for your home.


Stainless Steel Radiators: Durability with a Modern Edge

Stainless steel radiators not only add a modern touch but also boast durability and corrosion resistance. Our showroom showcases a selection of stainless steel radiators that combine functionality with a contemporary aesthetic.


Painted Radiators: Infuse Colour and Personality

Customize your space with painted radiators available in a myriad of colours. From bold statements to subtle hues, these radiators allow you to infuse personality and style into your kitchen or bathroom.


Flat Panel Radiators: Space-Saving Efficiency

Designed to maximize space without compromising on heat output, flat panel radiators offer efficient heating solutions while seamlessly integrating into your interior design.


Towel Rail Radiators: Practicality and Luxury

Indulge in the comfort of warm towels with our selection of towel rail radiators. These not only serve as heating elements but also add a touch of luxury to your bathroom.


Experience Excellence at Goodey and Howell

At Goodey and Howell, our mission is to elevate your space with quality radiators that cater to diverse tastes and preferences. Visit our Northampton and Wellingborough showrooms to explore our extensive range of radiators and heating solutions.

Whether you're seeking a radiator for your kitchen or bathroom, our knowledgeable staff at our kitchen and bathroom showrooms near you are here to assist you in finding the perfect heating solution for your home.


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