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10 Innovative Bathroom Design Ideas for Small Spaces: Transform Your Washroom

Are you looking to renovate your small bathroom space but feeling limited by its size? At Goodey and Howell, we understand the challenges of maximizing small bathroom areas without compromising on style or functionality. Our showrooms in Wellingborough and Northampton are stocked with design inspirations and solutions to elevate your bathroom, regardless of its size. From installation to renovation, here are 10 innovative ideas to help you make the most of your compact washroom:


Wall-Mounted Fixtures: Opt for wall-mounted sinks, toilets, and storage cabinets to free up floor space, creating an illusion of a larger area while maintaining a clean, modern look.


Strategic Lighting: Brighten up the space with strategic lighting. Consider installing wall sconces, recessed lighting, or a well-placed skylight to make the bathroom feel more open and inviting.


Mirrors to Enhance Space: Use mirrors to amplify natural light and visually expand the room. Large mirrors or mirrored cabinets not only add depth but also serve as functional storage solutions.


Space-Saving Vanities: Choose slimline or corner vanities that fit snugly into tight corners while offering storage for toiletries and essentials. A well-designed vanity can be a focal point without overpowering the space.


Shower Niche or Shelving: Incorporate recessed shelving or a shower niche to declutter and keep bathing essentials organised without sacrificing precious space.


Opt for Glass: Consider a frameless glass shower enclosure to create a seamless, airy feel. This allows light to flow through the space, maintaining an open atmosphere.


Use of Neutral Colours: Lighter tones and neutral colours on walls, tiles, and accessories can make the bathroom appear larger and more spacious.


Vertical Storage Solutions: Utilise vertical wall space by installing floating shelves or tall cabinets to store towels, baskets, and decorative elements, maximising storage without crowding the floor.


Sliding Doors: If space allows, consider installing a sliding door instead of a traditional hinged one. Sliding doors save space and add a sleek, contemporary touch to the bathroom.


Multi-functional Fixtures: Invest in multi-functional fixtures like a combined bathtub-shower unit or a toilet with a built-in sink for a clever space-saving solution.


At Goodey and Howell, our expert team can assist you in the design and installation of your dream bathroom, even in the most compact spaces. Whether you're considering a complete bathroom renovation or a small-space design overhaul, visit our showrooms in Wellingborough or Northampton to explore our wide range of products and discuss your project with our knowledgeable staff. Let's transform your small bathroom into a functional and stylish oasis!


For more information on bathroom installation, renovation, and design services, contact us today or visit our showroom for inspiration tailored to your small space needs. Goodey and Howell – Your Partner in Perfecting Small Bathroom Spaces.

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