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Sinks & Taps

Integrating a sink that works for your lifestyle and that is aesthetically pleasing is key to a smooth running, happy modern-day kitchen! 

From the right material, to the ideal size, to the choice of an under-counter or a drop-in, there’s plenty to consider when you’re searching for the perfect kitchen sink. 

At Goodey and Howell, our aim is to take the weight off your shoulders. Aside from design, there are plenty of practical considerations to make before deciding on your perfect sink.

Weight, dimensions and installation requirements are amongst those considerations. Our design team will save you the time spent researching and exploring various options only to find out that it simply won’t work in your current or desired kitchen space.

If you’re looking to match the perfect sink with the perfect tap, our showroom team will be on hand to help you with that too!

Alternatively, we can help you find the ideal tap to accompany an existing sink that you’re happy with. 

With a surprising number of choices, your decision might be more challenging than you’d first thought.

Taps have advanced in design, capabilities and technology, with the option of boiling hot water on demand, kitchen spray taps with a flexible hose and filter taps amongst them. Their style can range from stand out finishes to classic and beautifully simple, with everything in-between! 

Book an appointment at our showroom for help finding the perfect sink and tap for your kitchen space. 

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