Goodey & Howell
Traditional Bathrooms

Bathrooms have come a long way from tin tubs by the fireplace, but that doesn’t mean your space should forgo any vintage charm.

However, far from this inconvenience, traditional bathrooms are now able to provide you with all the latest in modern bathroom technology hidden inside a classic exterior. From brass taps, to claw-foot tubs, there’s no limit to the range of traditional features you can use to create your space.

At Goodey and Howell we provide a range of bathroom appliances, fixings, and features to give you the most from your bathroom. Our products and designs combine fashion and function to develop a perfectly styled space perfect for relaxation.

Whether you favour a timeless feel, or require a distinct throwback to your decade of choice, you can now achieve your traditional aesthetic without compromising on comfort. All our bathrooms can be custom designed and installed by our expert team, giving you your beautiful and functional bathroom, in the most convenient manner.

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