Transformation Time ​

Spring and Summer. The seasons of renewal, transformation and growth.

You can almost smell the flowers and freshly cut grass, can’t you? And if you look really closely, it’s like your lawn is growing back before your eyes! 

Most of us are getting used to some much-needed shirtsleeves weather as what felt like a really long Winter recedes from our memories.

Of course, we’re now firmly in the midst of DIY and home improvement season! Those jobs that have been put off until ‘after Easter’ or ‘on the long weekend’ are now piling up and demanding attention. We don’t know about you, but those best intentions often go on the backburner for us when the sun comes out?!

Everywhere we turn, there are tempting offers to lure us into getting stuck in to the garden and all things ‘outdoors’ and preparing it for Summer. Ah, Summer. I wonder how much time we’ll get to spend lounging in the heat, or enjoying sun-drenched barbeques this year? Without wishing to jinx it, we’ve gotten off to a pretty good start, haven’t we? We whispered that last bit. You can never be too sure!

So, here’s a question for you? What about the inside? You know, the place where we live 12 months of the year? Will the inside of your home benefit from a little TLC, or maybe an upgrade or two? Because you know in about five minutes, it’s going to be Christmas, don’t you?!

If you’ve been turning a blind eye to broken or faded fittings, or using sticking plaster solutions to try to keep an ailing bathroom in an acceptable state (or on life support), maybe now is the time for a refresh?

Or maybe you’ve been ignoring the fact that the life of a family kitchen can be a brutal one, with scratches, dings and dents apparently breeding on every surface? As much as you try to ignore them, they really are everywhere! And let’s not even talk about the remnants of meals past, and stains that get stuck in the pits and grooves, refusing to budge, even for the determined wielder of a bristle brush and bleach.

OK, forget the upgrade. Maybe it’s time. Time to let them go. To let them slip towards the light, to be reincarnated as a lawnmower.

OK, so with 3.5 seconds of mourning for the deceased, what are you waiting for? You can’t just sit there feeling sorry for yourself, your ailing oven and fading shower cubicle. Come and pay us a visit in our showroom, where you can cheer yourself up with a test drive of one of our thoroughly lovely kitchens or bathrooms. Or both?

We have designs to suit all tastes, you know….?

And no, you can’t move in!