​Range of opportunities!

How many times have you had to wrestle with a lack of oven space? If you have people over for dinner and have a variety of items to roast, grill, or even keep warm, a lack of oven space is a nightmare isn’t it?

It can turn what should be a lovely, social occasion, into a stressful event, you just want to get through!
It isn’t even about big social or family gatherings.

Even on those evenings where you just want to throw some frozen stuff, or ready meals into the oven and collapse in front of the TV, it can go wrong. 

It’s almost as if supermarkets and suppliers collude to ensure that nothing you’re looking at for dinner cooks at the same temperature! So, instead of throwing it all in the oven and having a glass of your favourite wine or prosecco, while the oven does its thing, you’re left staring at the packages. 

Shall I cook this one first and keep it warm, or cook this at a lower temperature than specified and hope it’s done, whilst not burning the other thing….?

What a nightmare! And who needs that at the end of a long day?!

It’s no wonder we reach for the takeaway menu so often!

Of course, it doesn’t have to be that way! You don’t need to be a semi-professional chef or a Masterchef contender to take advantage of the joys of a genuine double oven (yes, 2 whole proper sized ovens!) or a range cooker.

The beauty of a range cooker is that you can have a variety of configurations to suit your personal or family needs.

Two full-size ovens? No problem!

Tall oven, small oven, slow oven, grill…. What ever your needs, here at Goodey & Howell we have you covered!

Then there’s the hob.

No more juggling pans or making do. With 5, 6 or even 7 burners, you are literally cooking on gas!

The great thing about this is that you don’t even need a huge kitchen to take advantage of a range cooker.

If you’re thinking of an oven upgrade or looking to update your kitchen, you’d be giving yourself a huge break by installing a range cooker.

Goodbye stressful dinner times, hello making it look effortless, because it is.

Come and see our selection of range cookers and kitchen designs at our showroom, where we’ll be delighted to help you.