Rain on me!

They say when life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade don’t they?

We think a better use would be for Gin & Tonics all round!

Isn’t it funny how we seem to be programmed to trot out these types of sayings?

And our reactions to certain things are highly predictable too.

Have you ever seen someone get in to a brand new car for the first time? Nine times out of ten, they just sit there, close their eyes and inhale that new car smell. It’s true isn’t it? I bet you’ve done it yourself. Before you get to work on tweaking every button, lever and switch (I mean come on, it’s the law isn’t it?) in an ‘oooh what does this do?’frenzy, you just take in the newness and the oh my goodness how nice does it feel to get in a car devoid of kids mess, dog hair and life’s paraphernalia….

So, that’s what new cars do to us, and of course the same could be true of anything where it’s a pleasure to spend time. Somewhere we feel cosseted and given a choice, might stay there all day!

Which bring us around to bathrooms. Bathrooms don’t need to be ridiculously extravagant to feel luxurious. None of our bathrooms are supplied with gold leaf as standard and attendants are strictly optional!
How do you feel about your bathroom? Dread going in there, completely neutral, or is it your favourite room in the house? We think there’s something great about padding barefoot into a bathroom and having the instant comfort of underfloor heating, a perfectly warmed towel and a multi-headed Heineken shower.

Yes, they’re the ones that reach the parts other showers don’t reach….

Our favourite though, and the one that makes us smile every time, is the simple rainfall shower. Pure warmth, cascading down. For us, that’s both luxurious and comforting in one hit. Happiness is a long shower without being blasted in the eyes. And that also leaves us with the spare shower head that doubles up as the microphone. If you’re going to be singing in the rain, you may as well do it properly!

Visit the Goodey and Howell showroom where one of our team will be able to show you some stunning examples of rainfall showers to suit your bathroom/shower area. 
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