No more sinking feelings!

No more sinking feelings!

Don’t you just hate queuing to use the sink? Even in a multiple bathroom home, it can be irritating. Comedy gold aside, having to watch your beloved chase an escaped contact lens around the bowl, while all you want to do is clean your teeth and fall into bed, is not what you need at midnight on a school night.

For the chaps, how many times have you gone to use the sink to find alien substances decorating the bowl? Upon closer examination, it turns out to be makeup. Obviously. I mean, how can you miss? It isn’t that you have a large face or anything, just that it’s applied directly, rather than thrown on, isn’t it?

Without wishing to ignite another gender war, it should probably be said that the king of ‘oh for goodness sake, really?’ moments is post-shave dregs and associated foam where the plug has been removed and the sink left to ‘self clean’ (we’ve left out toenails for the sake of decorum. But now you’re thinking about it. Sorry. Move on nothing to see here!).

We know you don’t do any of this on purpose.  Or maybe you do? Maybe it’s fun to do in your house? A little bit of gross out one-upmanship. Whatever it takes to keep things fresh. I mean, who are we to judge?
However, did you know it doesn’t have to be this confrontational? There’s a much easier way to get along and play nicely. No, we don’t mean a bathroom each (although…), or separate homes. While both may have their individual merits, a simpler solution is a hand.

His and Her sinks. Ta da! You’re welcome!

No queueing, no scraping off the other’s post-bathroom ritual trimmings, powders, or pulling someone else’s hair out of the plug (some people should be bald with the amount they leave behind!).
And, as a ‘Brucie Bonus’, if you close the eye closest to the sink next door, you won’t be able to see their mess either.

I know, we’re a font of knowledge and suggestions.

But seriously, you’re having your bathroom redesigned and you’ve immersed yourself in every detail. From taps, to tiles, to heating, shower styles, traditional bath tubs, fittings and accessories… You’ve done your homework in and drilled into the minutiae. 

So, why not consider a dual sink? 

If you’ve just installing a new bathroom, we think your sink will look better without your other half’s beard cuttings or mascara. Don’t you?

For some splendid examples of what your personalised and shiny new set-up can look like, come and visit us at our showroom!