​Mirror mirror on the wall…

OK, let’s gloss over not looking one’s best of a morning. You’re only human!

Would it love to live in its current home or could it prefer a bit more glitz and glamour?

And having said that, do you have anything to say to your mirror? “I’m never drinking again” and “Oh no, another grey hair” don’t count!

In most bathrooms, mirrors are, well…. Mirrors! Plain glass with a reflective backing. If you’re lucky there are some LEDs thrown in. Ooooh! 

But that’s it, isn’t it? It’s often something we install without a great deal of thought, Even though it’s used on multiple occasions every day and pay it no heed whatsoever. Utilitarian and ‘that’ll do’, is the order of the day.

Go on, admit it. It’s boring. The conversation you might want to have is more along the lines of “It’s not me, it’s you. You’re dull. The best bit about you is the reflection”. Boom!

The time has come to trade in your old mirror for a much sleeker, newer model. One that’s moved with the times. One that ‘gets’ you. 

Hold on to your hat, because 2018 just arrived for your bathroom.

Take a bow Bluetooth Mirror Technology!

Take your music or audiobook with you, without risking dropping your phone in the bath or down the loo. It happens!
Beyond connecting to your Bluetooth device of choice and the oh so sleek looks, there’s a choice of ambient lighting, LED configuration, charging points, including USB sockets.

So, why not head down to our showroom where we can walk you through how you can look even better whilst dancing the toothbrush shuffle?