Bringing the outside in!

It seems that summer has now arrived. OK, storms and flash-floods aside that is!

If you’re going to make those dreams of outdoor living a reality this year, now really is the time to ring the changes.

Before we know where we are, we’ll be talking autumnal evenings and winter warmers!

So, what does outdoor living mean to you, or would you prefer the idea of ‘bringing the outdoors indoors’, which means different things to different people?

We know that the English weather can be somewhat unpredictable, with unexpected showers and surprising cold evenings.

Therefore, if al fresco dining and entertaining is on your agenda this summer, there’s a lot to be said for planning!

While many homes open from the living room onto the garden, this is often less than ideal, with garden debris being tracked across your beautiful and luxurious carpet!

This is amplified in all but the driest of conditions when you’re hosting a barbeque or garden party.

And that’s before you get to the spilled drinks and dropped food!

Some of the best transformations for bring the outdoors inside are created by opening up the kitchen to the garden. A nice wide opening is often the first step in engaging with the outdoors. A clever use of plants blurs the lines of inside and outside too, while the bright kitchen surfaces reflect the light throughout the space.

We often say that the kitchen is the heart of the home and never more so during social gatherings! Guests tend to gather around the kitchen island and the hard floors are simply the best when it comes to spillages, garden souvenirs and general wear and tear!

And if the weather changes and the gathering moves indoors, bringing the damp with them, so what? The kitchen is designed to take all this in its stride!

If you’re considering your kitchen design options, or thinking about bringing the outdoors in this year, get in touch or pay us a visit at our showroom!