​A Hard Day’s Night...

We all know the feeling. So tired it feels like our bones ache. Whether you’ve been in a week of high-pressure negotiations or have endured the rigours of physical labour, reaching the end of the working day or week brings blessed relief.

And as much as all you’d like to do is flop on the sofa and sleep, you can’t, because you committed to going out. It was a good idea at the time!

What better way to unwind than 10 minutes of being pampered by the jets of a luxury shower. Or the soft bathing by a rainfall version that gently removes the grime of the day and the fatigue of the week all at once.

You can imagine it can’t you? Walking in to the expansive shower enclosure (with or without doors), customisable mood lighting and with your favourite music at the perfect volume. And then just letting the water do its thing.

Mood lighting you say? Yes, LED lighting that you can set to just the right brightness and with a choice of colours. You probably just thought, “I’d never use that”, but lots us said that about email and Facebook, didn’t we?!

And you don’t even need to take your music with you. Why not stream your music to a Bluetooth enabled bathroom device, like your mirror, for example?

Yes, everything is moving on apace here in 2018! 

And the fact is, in busy households, the bathroom’s one of the busiest rooms in the house. Not surprisingly, it soon collects signs of wear and tear. It starts with darkening silicone, then a dulling of the grouting, loose fittings and dripping taps. Before long, it’s looking considerably older than its years!

It’s precisely because we use it so often, beginning and ending our days there, that we really should give it a touch of luxury. Glamour even!

There really is no need to make do.

Be kind to yourself.

For examples of what your bathroom could be, come and visit us at your nearest showroom.