Walk this way!

So, which do you instantly think of? The Aerosmith version, or Aerosmith with Run DMC? Did you know that the original was released in 1975? And the one you’re thinking was oh so more recent was back in 1986… We’ll let that sink in for a moment!

Time passes quickly doesn’t it? And it’s fair to say that somethings stand the test of time better than others. Keith Richards vs Mick Jagger. You get the picture!

The same is true of our homes, especially the over-worked kitchens and bathrooms. One minute they’re a youthful Jason Donovan and the next they’re a grumpy Van Morrison.

But just when did this transformation happen? Slowly, over the years, the scuffs, stains, scratches, catches and latches, admit defeat to the onslaught that most families relentlessly deliver.

One day we walk in and ask, “Who are you?”. At which point we realise we’d rather not have this thing in our home anymore.

Let’s face it, with family lives so busy these days, there are more important things to focus on most of the time. But then, what’s more important than family and the home in which it lives?

If you’re someone who says, one day we’ll replace, or we must get around to…. What are you waiting for? Did you know what most people that fit a new kitchen or bathroom say a similar thing? Something along the lines of, “I don’t know why we put up with the old one so long”.

If your kitchen or bathroom is a little ragged around the edges, or it’s clear its best days are well behind it, why not pop into our showroom for a look around and a chat with our staff? We’ll be extremely happy to show you our traditional and latest designs to suit your needs, and of course your budget.
I know, we’re not supposed to talk about budget, but the thing is, if you’ve been putting it off because of cost, you might be pleasantly surprised!

So, we can’t promise you love in an elevator, but walk this way anyway!